Sunday, June 12, 2011

Schedule Day 5 & 6 Maharashtra State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament at Pune

Day 5: June 18 2011

Time  Event Round
9AM to 10:40 Youth Boys Mdraw 1&2
10:40 to 11:10 Women Qtr finals
11:10 to 1:10 Men's  Mdraw 1
1:10PM to 3PM Junior Boys Mdraw 2&3
3PM to 4PM Men's  Mdraw 2&3
4PM to 4:30PM Junior Boys Qtr finals
4:30PM to 5PM Men's  Qtr finals
5PM to 5:30PM Junior Girls  Qtr finals
5:30PM to 6PM Youth Boys Qtr finals

Day 6: June 19 2011

Time  Event Round
9AM to 9:30AM Junior Girls  Semi finals
9:30AM to 10AM Junior Boys Semi finals
10AM to 10:30AM Youth Girls Semi finals
10:30AM to 11AM Youth Boys Semi finals
11AM to 11:30AM Women's Semi finals
11:30AM to 12PM Men's Semi finals
2:30PM to 3PM Junior Girls  Finals
3PM to 3:30PM Junior Boys Finals
3:30PM to 4PM Youth Girls Finals
4PM to 4:30PM Youth Boys Finals
4:30PM to 5PM Women's Finals
5PM to 5:30PM Men's Finals

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