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Table Tennis Movie As One

AS ONE is a movie on Korean Table Tennis. Two bitter rivals North Korea and South Korea play as one team.

"As One" shows behind-the-scenes stories regarding the unified Korean table tennis team that participated in the 1991 Chiba World Table Tennis Championships for 40 days. Ha Ji-won takes on the role of South Korean table tennis player Hyeon Jeong-hwa and Bae Doo-na takes on the role of her North Korean rival, Ri Boon-hee.

USA Junior & Cadet Open - ITTF Junior Circuit 2012

The USA Junior & Cadet Open - ITTF Junior Circuit Table Tennis tournament 2012 will be held at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA from 30 Jun 2012 to 04 Jul 2012.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Table Tennis Ball and Racket details

Table Tennis Ball dimensions and Bat details

2.03  THE BALL 
2.03.01  The ball shall be spherical, with a diameter of 40mm. 
2.03.02  The ball shall weigh 2.7g. 
2.03.03  The ball shall be made of celluloid or similar plastics material and shall be white or orange, and matt. 
2.04.01  The racket may be of any size, shape or weight but the blade shall be flat and rigid. 
2.04.02  At least 85% of the blade by thickness shall be of natural wood; an adhesive layer within the blade may be reinforced with fibrous material such as carbon fibre, glass fibre or compressed paper, but shall not be thicker than 7.5% of the total thickness or 0.35mm, whichever is the smaller. 
2.04.03  A side of the blade used for striking the ball shall be covered with either ordinary pimpled rubber, with pimples outwards having a total thickness including adhesive of not more than 2.0mm, or sandwich rubber, with pimples inwards or outwards, having a total thickness including adhesive of not more than 4.0mm.  Ordinary pimpled rubber is a single layer of non-cellular rubber, natural or synthetic, with pimples evenly distributed over its surface at a density of not less than 10 per cm2 and not more than 30 per cm2  Sandwich rubber is a single layer of cellular rubber covered with a single outer layer of ordinary pimpled rubber, the thickness of the pimpled rubber not being more than 2.0mm. 
2.04.04  The covering material shall extend up to but not beyond the limits of the blade, except that the part nearest the handle and gripped by the fingers may be left uncovered or covered with any material. 
2.04.05  The blade, any layer within the blade and any layer of covering material or adhesive on a side used for striking the ball shall be continuous and of even thickness. 
2.04.06  The surface of the covering material on a side of the blade, or of a side of the blade if it is left uncovered, shall be matt, bright red on one side and black on the other. 
2.04.07  The racket covering shall be used without any physical, chemical or other treatment.  Slight deviations from continuity of surface or uniformity of colour due to accidental damage or wear may be allowed provided that they do not significantly change the characteristics of the surface. 
2.04.08  Before the start of a match and whenever he or she changes his or her racket during a match a player shall show his or her opponent and the umpire the racket he or she is about to use and shall allow them to examine it. 

Table Tennis Table and Net Assembly

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An article explaining Table Tennis Table dimensions and Net Assembly.

2.01  THE TABLE 
2.01.01  The upper surface of the table, known as the playing surface, shall be rectangular, 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, and shall lie in a horizontal plane 76cm above the floor. 
2.01.02  The playing surface shall not include the vertical sides of the tabletop. 
2.01.03  The playing surface may be of any material and shall yield a uniform bounce of about 23cm when a standard ball is dropped on to it from a height of 30cm. 
2.01.04  The playing surface shall be uniformly dark coloured and matt, but with a white side line, 2cm wide, along each 2.74m edge and a white end line, 2cm wide, along each 1.525m edge. 
2.01.05  The playing surface shall be divided into 2 equal courts by a vertical net running parallel with the end lines, and shall be continuous over the whole area of each court.  
2.01.06  For doubles, each court shall be divided into 2 equal half-courts by a white centre line, 3mm wide, running parallel with the side lines; the centre line shall be regarded as part of each right half-court. 
2.02.01  The net assembly shall consist of the net, its suspension and the supporting posts, including the clamps attaching them to the table. 
2.02.02  The net shall be suspended by a cord attached at each end to an upright post 15.25cm high, the outside limits of the post being 15.25cm outside the side line. 
2.02.03  The top of the net, along its whole length, shall be 15.25cm above the playing surface.  
2.02.04  The bottom of the net, along its whole length, shall be as close as possible to the playing surface and the ends of the net shall be as close as possible to the supporting posts. 


US Open Table Tennis 2012 Top Rated Players

Top rated players at the US Open Table Tennis Tournament 2012

Keinath, Thomas    2817    Slovakia   
Wang, Zhen (Eugene)    2757    Canada   
Zhou, Xin    2726    CA   
Liu, Jianxu    2720    CA   
Xia, Jiwei    2663    CA   
Tang, Li Ying    2662    WA   
Chen, Hongtao    2639    Canada   
Liang, Jishan    2634    NJ   
Liu, Juan    2631    NY   
Landers, Michael    2625    NY   
Hinse, Pierre-Luc    2617    Canada   
Zheng, Jiaqi    2616    CA   
Liu, Dan    2601    CA   
Wang, Timothy    2589    CA   
Kashyap, Anal    2589    CA   
Kim, Sang Soo    2582    South Korea   
Zeng, Jeffrey Xun    2581    MD   
Hugh, Adam    2580    NJ   
Wu, Yue    2571    NJ   
Wang, Qing Liang    2567    MD   
Ho, Andre    2564    Canada   
Wang, Huijing    2563    TX   
Li, Peter    2555    MD   
Liu, Nai Hui    2552    NJ   
Hsing, Ariel    2548    CA   
Wang, Yutian    2547    NJ   
Yin, Peng    2544    NJ   
Theriault, Pierre-Luc    2543    Canada   
Xiao, Han    2536    MD   
Therien, Xavier    2529    Canada   
Wang, Max Qinmin    2528    NY   
Ooka, Hiroka    2525    NY   
Shao, Yu    2521    NY   
Subonj, Viktorian    2512    TX   
Zhang, Lily    2502    CA   
Zhao, Jenny    2501    WA

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Schedule of Australian Open Table Tennis Tournament 2012

Sunday 1 July
11.00 Manager’s Meeting
13.30 Opening Ceremony
15.00 Men’s Teams (R1)
U21 Men’s Teams (R1)
U21 Women’s Teams (R1)
19.00 Men’s Teams (R2)
Women’s Teams (R1)
U21 Women’s Teams (R1)

Monday 2 July
9.00 U21 Men’s Teams (R2)
Women’s Teams (R2)
12.30 Men’s Teams (R3)
U21 Women’s Teams (R2)
15.30 Women’s Teams (R3)
U21 Men’s Teams (R3)
19.00 U21 Women’s Teams (R3)
Men’s Teams (R4)

Tuesday 3 July
9.00 Men’s Teams (R5)
U21 Men’s Teams (R4)
12.00 Women’s Teams (R4)
U21 Women’s Teams (R4)
15.00 U21 Men’s Teams (R5)
Men’s Teams (R6)
19.00 Women’s Teams (R5)

Wednesday 4 July
9.00 Men’s Teams (R7)
U21 Men’s Teams (R6)
13.00 Women’s Teams (R6)
U21 Men’s Teams (R6)
U21 Women’s Teams (R5)
17.00 Women’s Teams (R7)
20.00 U21 Mixed Doubles (to QF)
Mixed Doubles (to QF)

Thursday 5 July
9.00 U21 Mixed Doubles (SF)
9.30 Mixed Doubles (SF)
10.00 U21 Mixed Doubles (F)
10.30 Mixed Doubles (F)
11.00 U21 Men’s Doubles (R1)
11.30 U21 Men’s Doubles (QF)
U21 Women’s Doubles (QF)
12.00 U21 Men’s Doubles (SF)
U21 Women’s Doubles (SF)
12.45 U21 Men’s Doubles (F)
U21 Women’s Doubles (F)
13.30 Men’s Doubles (R1)
14.00 Women’s Doubles (R1)
14.30 Men’s Doubles (R2)
15.00 Women’s Doubles (QF)
15.30 Men’s Doubles (QF)
16.00 Women’s Doubles (SF)
16.30 Men’s Doubles (SF)
17.15 Women’s Doubles (F)
18.00 Men’s Doubles (F)
19.00 U21 Men’s Singles (RR)

Friday 6 July
9.00 U21 Women’s Singles (RR)
Men’s Singles (RR)
10.00 U21 Women’s Singles (RR)
11.00 Men’s Singles (RR)
13.00 Women’s Singles (RR)
Men’s Singles (RR)
14.00 Women’s Singles (RR)
15.00 Women’s Singles (RR)
15.30 U21 Men’s Singles (R1)
16.15 U21 Men’s Singles (R2)
17.15 U21 Men’s Singles (QF)
18.15 U21 Men’s Singles (SF)
U21 Women’s Singles (R1)
19.00 Men’s Singles (R1)
19.40 Men’s Singles (R2)
U21 Women’s Singles (QF)
21.00 Women’s Singles (R1)
Men’s Singles (R3)
21.40 Women’s Singles (R2)

Saturday 7 July
9.30 U21 Women’s Singles (SF)
10.00 Men’s Singles (QF)
10.30 Women’s Singles (QF)
11.00 Men’s Singles (SF)
11.30 Women’s Singles (SF)
14.00 U21 Women’s Singles (F)
14.30 U21 Men’s Singles (F)
15.00 Women’s Singles (F)
15.45 Men’s Singles (F)
Presentations & Function

(R#) Round Number
(RR) Round Robin Groups
(QF) Quarter Final
(SF) Semi Final
(F) Final

Seedings Australian Open Table Tennis Tournament

Men's Singles Seedings

1 Jin Kwon LEE (KOR)
2 William HENZELL (SA)
3 Dong Hoon KANG (KOR)
4 Justin HAN (NSW)
5 Wan Jin CHOI (KOR)
6 Seung Eyeok LEE (KOR)
7 Robert FRANK (VIC)

Women's Singles Seedings
1 Jian Fang LAY (VIC)
2 Min Hee KIM (KOR)
3 Ziyu (Sally) ZHANG (NSW)
4 Hyun Ju LEE (KOR)
5 Miao MIAO (VIC)
7 Vivian TAN (NSW)

U-21 Men's Seedings
1 Seung Eyeok LEE (KOR)
2 David POWELL (VIC)
4 Heming HU (VIC)
6 Zhiyang CHENG (NZ)
7 Erny TSAO (NSW)

U-21 Women's Seedings
1 Min Hee KIM (KOR)
2 Hyun Ju LEE (KOR)
4 Anna DU (VIC)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Table Tennis in Grand Central, New York

The guys from Wall Street matched wits at Table Tennis and competed at the Grand Central station, New York.

How about a tournament at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus?


Matilda Ekholm will not be at London Olympics

Matilda Ekholm beat Dana Hadakova to win the Doha Olympic Qualification tournament. However, the Swedish Olympic Association denied her a ticket to the London Olympics, thus stirring controversy.

The Swedish Table Tennis Association, Vladimir Samsonov, and ITTF President Adham Sharara got involved and supported Matilda, but the SOA did not relent. So finally, Matilda will be out of the Olympics. What do you think about this case?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

L M Inamdar Memorial State Ranking Veterans Table Tennis Tournament 2012

Winners of the L.M Inamdar Memorial State Ranking Veterans Table Tennis Tournament



Friday, June 22, 2012

World Veterans Table Tennis Championships at Stockholm

The World Veteran's Championships will be held at Stockholm from June 25 - June 30, where thousands of senior players converge to compete at the Ericsson Globe. The tournament will have participation of hundreds of players from India. Jan Ove Waldner and other Swedish greats are expected to grace the occasion.

All the best, dear Sirs. Respect.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All Mumbai Ranking Table Tennis Tournament 2012

The Mandapeshwar Civic Federation 4 Star All Mumbai Ranking Table Tennis Tournament 2012 runs from 20th to 24th June, 2012.

Noel Pinto is the top seed in the Men's section followed by Eric Fernandes. Chaitanya Udare and Ravindra Kotiyan are seeded third and fourth.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

India wins all titles at the South Asian Junior Table Tennis tournament

India completely dominated proceedings at the South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships at Shillong and booked their places in the Asian Junior Table Tennis tournament to be held at Jiangyin, China.

Abhishek Yadav, Sudhanshu Grover, and Vivek Bhargava scored facile victories over their Nepal opponents. In the Girl's section, T. Reeth Rishya, Mallika Bhandarkar, Priya Narasimha and Senhora D’Souza overwhelmed the opposition.

The Indian Cadets too finished first without much trouble.

Favorites at the London Olympics Table Tennis

Although a dark horse can emerge and grab titles, it is unlikely that the winner at the London Olympics Table Tennis will be out of the following lists:

 Wang Hao (CHN)
 Timo Boll (GER)
 Zhang Jike (CHN)
 Jun Mizutani (JPN)
 Vladimir Samsonov (BLR)
 Joo Se-Hyuk (KOR)
 Oh Sang-Eun (KOR)
 Chuang Chih-yuan (TPE)
 Dimitrij Ovtcharov (GER)

Among the men, our picks are Wang Hao (who won two silver medals at the last two Olympics), and Zhang Jike, the fighter and the current World Champion.


 Li Xiaoxia (CHN)
 Ding Ning (CHN)
 Feng Tianwei (SIN)
 Kasumi Ishikawa (JPN)
 Ai Fukuhara (JPN)
 Kim Kyung-Ah (KOR)
 Wang Yuegu (SIN)
 Tie Ya Na (HKG)

Team Men

1     CHINA         
2     GERMANY         
3     KOREA REPUBLIC          
4     JAPAN   

Team Women 

1     CHINA
2     JAPAN

Monday, June 18, 2012

Harmeet wins Brazil Open World Tour U-21 Title

Harmeet Desai made India proud at the Brazil Open World Tour tournament. He won the Boy's U 21 beating Cedric Nuytinck of Belgium in the finals. Soumyajit Ghosh was the top seed, but he lost to Harmeet in the Semi-finals.

Soumyajit, however, did not let the loss affect him as he reached the Quarterfinals of the Men's Singles!

It was a good show by most players from India as they reached the Main draw.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Table Tennis Schedule and Venue at London Olympics 2012

Men's Singles - 28th July to 2nd August 2012. Medals to be decided on 2nd August
Women's Singles - 28th July to 1st August 2012. Medals to be decided on 2nd August
Men's Team Event - 3rd August to 6th August and Medals to be decided on 8th August 2012
Women's Team Event - 3rd August to 7th August. Medals to be deicded on 7th August 2012

The Matches will be held at the Excel Stadium.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Table Tennis Tournaments in Mumbai

(1) MCF Borivali - 4 Star All Mumbai - 20 to 24 June 2012. R. K. Bowrie & Amit Mody to Co ordinate.
(2) JVPG Club, Juhu - 4 Star All Mumbai - July 2012. Ojas Dave & Amit Shah to co ordinate.
(3) Pro TT, University - 4 Star All Mumbai - Mid June 2012. Mahendra Chiplunkar & Gamre to Co ordinate.
(4) Matunga Gymkhana - 4 Star All Mumbai - September 2012. Kamlesh Mehta & Nirmal Shah to co ordinate.
(5) KRC Kandivli - 3 star MSD - November 1st week. Manish Tutwala & Amit Mody to co ordinate.
(6) Khar Gymkhana - State Ranking - 2 to 6 October. Vinay Chande & Kamlesh Mehta to coordinate.
(7) MIG, Bandra - 3 Star MSD - July / August. Suhas Dandekar & Deepak Mani to Coordinate. 
(8) Goregaon Sp Club - 3 Star MSD - September. Priyesh Kamdar & Gurcharan Singh to coordinate. 
(9) Jolly Gymkhana - 3 Star MSD - July / August. Bakul Parekh & kamlesh Mehta to coordinate.

Talks are also on with Chembur Gymkhana & BARC for conduct of a tournament.
Special Thanks to Amit Modi for the information - Editor

Divya outperforms her ranking by a long margin

Divya Deshpande: Photo Courtesy of the ITTF

Everyone loves performances that belie current strength. Divya Deshpande was one such performer at the Brazil Open Table Tennis World Tour tournament at Santos, Brazil. Ranked 4th in the group of 4 players, she finished first this earning a notable feature mention on the ITTF Web site here:

Divya beat Silva Ligia and Berta Rodriguez of host country Brazil and Chile respectively, who are ranked much higher.

Among other Indian in the fray, Soumyadeep Roy, Sanil Shetty,and Harmeet Desai in the Men's and Poulomi Ghatak, Mousumi Paul, Ankita Das, K Shamini, Manika Batra, Mouma Das also made it to the main draw. Soumyajit Ghosh, Subhajit Saha and A Amalraj are already in the main draw since they are seeded.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frenaz Chipia wins a Triple at the Bhavnagar State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament

Frenaz Chipia won a grand triple at the Gujarat State Ranking Table Tennis Tournament at Bhavnagar. In each of the finals, she beat Hely Shah. Hely Shah can take some comfort since she beat top seed Sapna Sharma in the semi finals.

Frenaz was recently attending the camp at Indore for Indian probables and seemed to be super sharp in her play. In the Men's finals, Devesh Karia beat Ravi Joshi 4-2.

Cadet Boys : Manush shah (Baroda) bt. Parag Chandalia(Bhavnagar) 9-11,11-7,11-2,11-3,11-8.

Sub.Junior Boys : Final : Nilay Thakkar(Surat) bt. Harsh Thakre(Baroda) 10-12,7-11,7-11,11-9,14-12,11-8,11-6

Junior Boys : Final – Harsh Sachnandani(Surat) bt Henil Shah(Ahmedabad) 10-12,7-11,9-11,11-7,12-10,11-6,11-8

Youth Boys : Ravi Joshi (Bhavnagar) bt. Harsh Sachnandani(Surat) 13-11,12-10,11-6,9-11,11-8.

Mens Singles : Devesh Karia (Bhavnagar) bt. Ravi Joshi (Bhavnagar) 11-6,8-11,8-11,11-4,11-3,11-4.

Cadet Girls : Meens Patel(Val) bt. Sanskruti Malpani(Surat) 11-7,11-7,11-7,11-13,11-7

Sub.Junior Girls : Final : Sanjana Kotak(Ahmedabad) bt.Simin Atodariya(Surat)

Junior Girls : Final : Frenaz Chhipia(Surat) bt. Hely Shah(Ahmedabad) 11-8,11-9,11-6,11-8.

Youth Girls: Frenaz Chhipia(Surat) bt. Hely Shah(Ahmedabad) 9-11,13-11,11-7,12-10,11-8.

Women Singles : Frenaz Chipia ( Surat) bt Hely Shah (Ahmedabad) 11-8, 9-11, 6-11, 11-4, 13-11, 11-6.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wales Table Tennis Top Players

Top Welsh Table Tennis Players



Ranking Name
1 Adam Robertson Wrexham
2 Ryan Jenkins Rhondda
3 Stephen Jenkins Rhondda
4 Daniel O'Connell
5 Wiktor Dzwonkowski Cardiff
6 Dean Cundy Swansea
7 Yongbo Zhang Cardiff
8 Neil Wright Cardiff
9 Lewis Williams Beauford Hill
10 Michael Marsden Abertillery
11 Martin Gunn Swansea
12 Ceri James Swansea
13 Reece Lo Abertillery
14 Patrick Thomas Tredegar
15 David Lloyd Thornbury
16 Ryan Owen Abertillery
17 Alex O'Connell Abertillery
18 Jonathan Davies Bridgend
19 Scott Johnson Bridgend
20 Phil Avery Cowbridge
21 Vincent Dragone Carmarthen
22 Hywel John Rhondda
22 Dean Richards Newport
24 Connor Edwards
25 Lee Morgan


Ranking Name
1 Naomi Owen Llandrindod Wells
2 Charlotte Carey Ebbw Vale
3 Megan Phillips Denbigh
4 Beth Roberts
5 Nicole Hall
6 Angharad Phillips Denbigh
7 Sharlene Williams Nantymoel
8 Hannah Avery Cowbridge
9 Regina Grech Bridgend
9 Louise Islip Bridgend
11 Laura Edwards
11 Chloe Thomas Tredegar
13 Claire Flannagan Cwmbran
14 Anna Labuz Cardiff
15 Joanna Vanarikes Abertillery
16 Julie Furber Buckley
17 Laura Price Cardiff
18 Jane Gardner Newport
19 Sam Meredith Cardiff
20 Natasha Rees Swansea

Junior Boys

Ranking Name
1 Edwards Connor Tonypandy
2 Oyler Ryan Cardiff
3 Griffiths Chris Ferndale
4 Prosser Alex Rhondda
5 Williams Lewis Beauford Hill
6 Heydon Thomas Swansea
7 Mollaei Peynan Cardiff
8 Goodall Tom Cardiff
9 Evans Callum Tonypandy
10 John Lawrence Swansea
11 Kupski Jack Wrexham
12 Clews Max Swansea
13 Trigg Ryan Bridgend
14 Lewis Ethan Ferndale
15 Winder Liam Ferndale
16 Powell Josh Wrexham
16 Lo Ryan Tredegar
18 Jenkins Jac Ynysybwl
18 Joules Paul Carmarthen
20 Thomas Tatsuki Carmarthen
21 Lewis Dylan Ferndale
22 Jenkins Tom Wrexham
23 Castro Marc Swansea
24 Oliver Ryan Newport
25 Langley Harry Carmarthen

Junior Girls

Ranking Name
1 Nicole Hall
2 Megan Phillips Denbigh
3 Beth Roberts
4 Angharad Phillips Denbigh
5 Carys Webster Rhondda
6 Charlotte Carey Ebbw Vale
7 Charlotte Slye
8 Chloe Thomas Tredegar
9 Kate Roberts Llandyrnog
10 Sharlene Williams Nantymoel
11 Laura Edwards
12 Soffi Jenkins
13 Emma Kupski Wrexham
14 Laura Price Cardiff
15 Faye Evans
16 Caitlin Williams Nantymoel
17 Hannah Avery Cowbridge
18 Bethan Lewis
19 Lydia John
19 Cade Short
21 Jess Neck Ferndale
22 Bethane Brewer Ebbw Vale
22 Carys Roberts Denbigh
24 Romy Killick Bridgend
25 Gabby Wan Denbigh

Top Scotland Table Tennis Players

Top Scottish Table Tennis Players


1Gavin Rumgay
Lynda Flaws

2Craig Howieson
Corinna Whitaker

3Naill Cameron
Gillian Edwards

4Stewart Crawford
Natasha Milliken

5Sean Doherty
Lucy Elliott

6Calum Main
Roxanna Milne

7Craig Hardie
Lara Stirling

8Scott Barton
Linda McLernon

9Richard Main
Maureen Moran

10Chris Main
Linda Powell

Boys                                Girls

1Scott BartonLucy Elliott

2Colin DalgleishLara Stirling

3Christopher WheelerRenee Ho

4Blair FowlerRachel Crawford

5Basel RazoukCaitlin Cameron

6Alexander WheelerJennifer Hart

7Ying JinAlice Williams

8Conor MoranKay Lee

9Yaser RazoukKirsten Atkinson

10Thomas GrantJill Taylor

Irish Table Tennis Rankings

Photo courtesy
Top Irish (Ireland) Table Tennis Players


Rank Name
1 Murphy, John
2 McCreery, Paul
3 Robinson, Ashley 
4 Logue, Sam 
5 Maguire, Gavin
6 Graham, Peter
7 O'Flynn, Mark 
8 Pofok, Tibor
9 O'Brien. Declan
10 Gavin, Robert
11 Strong, Daryl
12 Wallace, Phil
13 Redmond, Anthony 
14 Brown, Ian 
15 Farrell, Ryan
16 Keenan, Daniel
17 Mackey, Kevin 
18 Slater. Stephen
19 Devereux, Brian
20 Butler, Dave 
21 Finn, Brian
22 Knox, Gervis
23 Herley James
24 Gallagher, Will
25 Kelly, Kieran
26 Jamison, Philip 
27 Mullaly, Conor
28 Finlay, Matt
29 Donnelly, Jack
30 McAllister, Mark 
31 Stapleton, Jack
32 Reilly, Ciaran
33 Shaw, Philip 
34 Ning, Na
35 Davis, Tom
36 Fitzgerald, Tommy
37 Lewanczuk, Artur
38 Li Shizhao
39 O'Connor, Geoffrey
40 Porter, Jonathan
41 Zatylny, Dariusz
42 Szymanski, Maciek
43 O'Rourke, Corey
44 Kopacz, Paul
45 Keenan, Stephen 
46 Beades, Conor
47 Devaney, Kevin
48 Lagan, Michael
49 Flood, Ryan 
50 O' Neill, Kalen
51 Dennis, John 
52 Slattery, Dylan
53 O'Reilly, Alan 
54 Nolan, Conor
55 Campbell, Andrew
56 Hutchinson, Kevin
57 Sulkowski, David
58 Farrell, Stephen
59 Knox, Keith
60 McConkey, Ryan
61 Gordon, Mark
62 Scott, Rory
63 Dobbs, Anthony
64 Mandler, Atilla
65 Davis, Robert 
66 Nabney, Norman 
67 Kelly, Stefon
68 Kozak, Istvan
69 Doyle, Mark
70 Mullaly, Donie
71 Reilly, Gavin
72 Kennedy, Ed
73 Hardiman, Sam
74 Cooper, Joshua
75 Foster, Kris
76 Cunningham, Michael
77 Ribeiro, Marcello
78 Shekleton, Eric
79 O'Keefe, Kevin 
80 Hubenov, Georgi
81 Kelleher, Joe 
82 Loane, Andrew
83 Grala, Marek 
84 Kingsley, Anthony
85 Huang, Chad
86 Gillen, Alexander
87 Bulla, Ratislav 
88 O'Dea, Rory
89 Kelleher, Brian
90 Crawford, Gary
91 Letendre, Florent
92 Quinn, Shay
93 Taylor, Alan
94 Bowe, John
95 Karczewski, Krzysztof
96 Pemberton, Dave
97 Hickey, Owen
98 Daniel Blom
99 Nash, Mike
100 Langan, Michael


1 Given, Ashley
2 Mogey, Amanda
3 Timlin, Sarah
4 Devereux, Sabina
5 Wyse, Jean
6 O'Reilly, Edel
7 McGlone, Katie 
8 Devaney, Teresa 
9 Ludlow, Emma 
10 Walker, Annalise 
11 Dawson, Hannah
12 Slattery, Maebhdh 
13 Richardson, Gillian 
14 Kacsandi, Rita 
15 McGlone, Elayna 
16 Dennett, Fiona 
17 Murphy, Deirdre 
18 Thompson, Erin 
19 Rock, Amy 
20 Kenny, Rebecca 
21 Nelson, Claire 
22 Burns, Emily 
23 Dolan, Sara 
24 Healy, Aisling 
25 Poller, Jana 
26 Buttimer, Niamh
27 Carpenter, Ros 
28 Kufel, Ewelina 
29 Hayes, Amy Lou 
30 McCullagh, Clodagh 
31 Huizhaung, Xie
32 Byrne, Sarah 
33 O'Shea, Lynn
34 McConkey, Sally
35 Treacy, Niamh
36 Brady, Brielle 
37 Whelan, Kate 
38 Maties, Lavinia 
39 O'Reilly, Emily 
40 Kenny, Sarah 
41 Tracy, Niamh 
42 Heller, Claire 
43 Kayrin, Ong
44 Harper, Pauline 
45 Murphy, Susan 

Ulster Men's Rankings

Philip    Wallace            Queens
Ashley    Robinson        FMT Academy
Daryl    Strong              Queens
Paul    McCreery   
Gervis    Knox            UUJ
Peter    Graham            Queens
Dawid    Sulkowski        Ballymoney
Mark    McAlister        Cookstown
Stephen    Slater            FMT Academy
Philip    Jamison            Knockagh
Pawel    Sulkowski        Ballymoney
Roy    Coard            Christchurch
Richard    Davies            Ballyclare Meth
Andrew    Loane            Glenburn
Mark    Gordon   
Zak    Wilson   
Kieran    Reilly            Castlerahan
Ted    Mahaffey        Christchurch
Barry    Dickson            CBPPU

Ulster Women's Rankings

Amanda    Mogey            Carnmoney
Ashley    Givan            FMT Academy
Emma    Ludlow            Glenburn
Hannah    Lynch-Dawson        FMT Academy
Annalise    Walker        FMT Academy
Erin    Thompson        Glenburn
Gillian    Richardson   
Sally    McConkey   
Na    Liu            Glenburn