Thursday, June 14, 2018

Manika Batra profile

Manika is a star sports person who is fast becoming a household name. For those who are not already aware, so who is this new Star on the horizon of Indian sports, Manika Batra?

Manika Batra is a Table tennis player from Delhi who has catapulted herself and her sport into the limelight. She won the most medals as an individual from India at the Commonwealth games at Gold coast in 2018.

Manika is attracting increasing attention in India as Prime Minister has shown his appreciation for her international achievements. He tweeted about her medals at the Commonwealth games and recently sent her a fitness challenge, which was also sent to H D Kumaraswamy (Karnataka Chief Minister) and IPS officers.

Manika will be in action at the Ultimate Table Tennis Challenge league, which starts at Pune from 14th of June, 2018. This is the second season of the league.

Major achievements

Commonwealth Games
Gold medal – 2018 Gold Coast Women's team
Gold medal – 2018 Gold Coast Women's singles
Silver medal – 2018 Gold Coast Women's doubles
Bronze medal – 2018 Gold Coast Mixed doubles

South Asian Games
Gold medal – 2016 Guwahati/Shillong Women's team
Gold medal – 2016 Guwahati/Shillong Women's doubles
Gold medal – 2016 Guwahati/Shillong Mixed doubles
Silver medal – 2016 Guwahati/Shillong Women's singles

National Championships
Gold medal - Hyderabad (January 2017) Women'singles
Gold medal - Guwahati 2013 Youth Girls singles
Gold medal - Alappuzha 2014 Youth Girls singles
Gold medal - Dharamshala 2015 Youth Girls singles

Sunday, April 8, 2018

India win a historic Gold medal at the Commonwealth games 2018

Manika Batra beat World No. 4 Feng Tianwei of Singapore! 

India is 1-0 up in the Gold medal round of the 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast.

Madhurika Patkar Torgalkar is playing against Yu Mengyu in the 2nd match. 

Update: Although Madhurika lost, the doubles pair won and allowed Manika to demonstrate her dominance in the reverse singles.

India won 3-1 and with it the shining gold medal.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Coaches for Ultimate Table Tennis league 2018

Earlier, last month, the coaches draft was conducted for the Ultimate Table Tennis league. 

The following coaches will lead the players for season 2018, which is scheduled to be held in June.

The coaches line-up: 
Falcons TTC: Soumyadeep Roy & Vesna Ojstersek (Slovenia) 
Yoddhas: Sandeep Gupta & Ferenc Karsai (Hungary) 
RP-SG Mavericks: Arup Basak & Elena Timina (Netherlands) 
Challengers: A Muralidhara Rao & Peter Engel (Germany) 
Dabang Smashers TTC: Sachin Shetty & Andrei Filimon (Romania) 
DHFL Maharashtra United: N Ravichandran & Francisco Santos (Portugal).

UTT (Ultimate Table Tennis) player draft

The player draft of the UTT took place today.

The following players were picked for the various UTT franchises:

Falcons TTC: Sanil Shetty (pre-selected) Bernadette Szocs, Matilda Ekholm, Liam Pitchford, Alvaro Robles, Sutirtha Mukherjee, Ronit Bhanja, Priyadarshini Das

Dabang Smashers T.T.C.: G Sathiyan (pre-selected) Sakura Mori, Masaki Yoshida, Manika Batra, Adriana Diaz, Archana Kamath, Sanish Ambekar, Cedric Nuytinck
RP-SG Mavericks: Doo Hoi Kem, Mattias Karlsson, Harmeet Desai, Kou Lei, Ayhika Mukherjee, Mouma Das, Siddhesh Pande, Sabine Winter
DHFL Maharashtra United: Kristian Karlsson, Elizabeta Samara, Anthony Amalraj, Madhurika Patkar, Joao Monteiro, Lily Zhang, Selena Selvakumar, Utkarsh Gupta
Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas: Chih Yuan Chuang, Sofia Polcanova, Sharath Kamal, Aruna Quadri, Hana Matelova, Pooja Sahasrabudhe, Sreeja Akula, Ravindra Kotiyan
Shaze Challengers: Lee Ho Ching, Georgina Pota, Simon Gauzy, Manav Thakar, Tiago Apolonia, Divya Deshpande, Arjun Ghosh, Prapti Sen

Friday, November 24, 2017

Tamil Nadu Table Tennis Super League off to a good start

The Table Tennis Super League 2017 has started in Chennai. It will run from November 24-28, 2017 at Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai. Several strong players are participating in this league. The league is run under the auspices of TNTTA, 11Sports (Vita Dani, Kamlesh Mehta), and TTFI.

India Table Tennis players' world ranking

The following are the Indian Table Tennis players rankings on the basis of World rankings in November 2017:

Top India Men World Rankings

45 ACHANTA Sharath Kamal
91 DESAI Harmeet
94 GHOSH Soumyajit
135 ANTHONY Amalraj

The superstar Achanta Sharath Kamal is still the top Indian player by world ranking in the Men's section. G Sathiyan is making waves on the ITTF circuit. If he continues at the same pace, he will soon be a seasoned force to reckon with.

Top India Women World Rankings

107 BATRA Manika
139 DAS Mouma
153 MUKHERJEE Ayhika
191 PATKAR Madhurika
219 KAMATH Archana Girish

Manika has been consistent from many years and has even breached the top 100 earlier. We can hope for a lot from Archana Kamath, who is ranked 219 even though she is still a junior! The surprise in this list is Ayhika, who is ranked high due to her exploits earlier.

Photo courtesy of the ITTF.