Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pune District Ranking Tournament 2011 Kicks off today

The first ranking tournament of the season has started at the Deccan Gymkhana Club, Pune today.

Chinmay Datar, Shubhankar Ranade, Sruja Bhat, Devika Bhide, Adwait Brahme and many others in the juniors and Martand Biniwale, Atul Bapat in the Men's section are some of the top players in this tournament.

Madhukar Lonare will be the Chief referee of the tournament.

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  1. Haha.Sadly,hardly any player from Pune has made any impact on the national TT scene in the last few years.Aniket shows flashes of brilliance,but otherwise he is as inconsistent as Windows Vista operating system.Rest all are overhyped and overrated,especially Sanmay and Martand.Come on,how can you expect to win national titles by just playing in a foreign league.That to me seems utterly absurd.And the fact that they have been playing TT continuously since almost a decade now and they don't have anything to show under their belt just goes to show how much commercialised Maharashtra TT,or should i say Pune TT has become.As we can clearly see,the passion for the sport is missing in them,which we get to see in players of Bengal,Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh,Delhi,Gujarat etc.And this has already started the downward spiral of Maharashtra TT which was once dominant force in India for several decades.I sincerely hope that all these players get the sham off of them,and concentrate more on their play rather than the unecessary embellishments.