Sunday, June 3, 2012

Timo Boll Spirit with Platin and Genius Plus Optimum

Letters from readers:

Reader: Dear Editor, I want to buy a Table Tennis assembly (Blade+Rubbers). I play state level and my style is offensive. My main weapon is backhand, from where I mainly open and also play with spin. On forehand, I tend to loop. I would like a racket that can help me do good services. Pushes have to be stable.

Editor: You can go for either Timo Boll Spirit, Tibhar Force Pro (if price is a factor which Samsonov himself uses). As for rubbers, since your backhand is your main strength, our recommendation is Rakza 7 Soft or Xiom Omega. For forehand, you can simply go for Donic Platin or Tibhar Genius + Optimum


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