Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ai Fukuhara is back to training and competition

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Ai Fukuhara being helped by other players. Scars visible at the elbow
Super star Table Tennis player Ai Fukuhara is back to playing Table Tennis after her surgery that kept her away from the Table for an extended period. She lost to China's new top woman player Cheng Meng 4-0. Fukuhara was full of praise for Cheng Meng and admitted that the young player has taken giant strides since she last played her.

Earlier, she was seen working out hard at training sessions, despite warning from her coaches not to overwork her elbow.

Fukuhara is a very popular player, both among her huge fans in Japan as well as among other professional players. It is a known fact that Ai Fukuhara is very fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Fukuhara plays with the following equipment - Armstrong Attack 8m rubber on her backhand and Spinart on Forehand. She uses a custom blade (FL) made specially for her.

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