Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chinese National Championships 2012

China Table Tennis. Photo Courtesy Reuters.
The Chinese National Table Tennis Championships are currently on and the Team event finals is actually being played at this time between Shanghai and Beijing in the Men's section.

After the team events, the Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles events will be played. There were a few surprising results in the team events. Zhang Jike's team lost. Zhang himself, just recently crowned Olympic Champion, lost to Wang Liqin quite tamely.

Seedings for the Individual (Men's and Women's Singles events)

Men's Singles

1, Zhang Jike (Shandong)

2, Wang Hao (PLA)

3, Ma Long (Beijing)

4, Xu Xin (Shanghai)

5, Ma Lin (Guangdong)

6, Wang Liqin (Shanghai)

7, Hao Shuai (Tianjin)

8, Chen Qi (PLA)

Women's Singles

1 Li Xiaoxia (Shandong)

2 Ding Ning (Beijing)

3 Liu Shiwen (Guangdong)

4 Guo Yan (Beijing)

5 Guo Yue (Liaoning)

6 Wu Yang (Shanxi Xingrui)

7. Meng (Shandong)

8 Feng Yalan (Hubei) 

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