Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adidas Table Tennis Rubber Review

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We have rubbers that are available at good Discounts.
The sports giant, Adidas has entered into the Table Tennis field in a big way!
They sponsor major tournaments now. You probably have noticed their slick tables on the World tournament circuit.
Their rubbers are bound to give Tenergy a run for their money since they are high performance rubbers at nearly half the price!
Adidas P3 Table Tennis Rubber
Adidas P3 is a rubber that allows a player to hit ultra-sharp topspins. The P3 has enlarged pores in the sponge and the pimples are arranged in such a way that the top spins land with high quality.

The positive aspect is that although the rubber is built for speed, it can be used to play smartly even in defensive positions such as blocking and lobbing!
Adidas R6 Table Tennis Rubber
Those who miss the gluing habit, need not despair. Adidas R6 makes up for it!
The heavy sound that the rubber makes on contact with the ball is the first thing that you notice.

The elastic and soft sponge generates friction and speed during high speed play. It is best for the energetic, fast players who want to play offensively.
Adidas P5 Table Tennis Rubber
The Adidas P5 rubber gives you fruits of the hard labour during training and practice.

Extremely suitable for the loop game and also the loop-to-loop rallies, the forward traction makes sure that the balls always land at the desired areas. The compact top sheet is designed to enable this to happen.

The Adidas P5 rubber is especially suited for players who train intensely and with focus on technique and touch.

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