Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wang Hao - Lost and injured, but still a Big hearted Hero

Wang Hao was injured on his left foot before his club Bayi's match against Bazhou in the Chinese Super League. So far, Wang Hao had spearheaded the challenge against much feared opponents, ably helped by teenager Yan An.

Wang Hao first lost to Cui Qinglei and then decided to play the reverse rubber even though he was injured. And his reason for doing this? "“The audience has come all the way here to watch and that is the reason why I need to play.” Now, this is the spirit that will make Table Tennis popular. Wang Hao sensed that the crowd has arrived to watch him and Xu Xin (both super stars in China) play. Wang did not stand a chance against the fit and agile Xu Xin and duly lost. But he won many hearts.

Immediately after the match, he flew to Beijing to consult doctors. Wang Tao, a former World Championship finalist and the coach of the team, was a worried man. He was hoping that the super hero will be back in action in the Main rounds since Bayi has already qualified mainly due to Wang Hao's earlier exploits.

We salute the Hero, down but definitely not out!

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