Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sharath leads the Indian Challenge at Chile Pro Tour

India is fielding 18 of it's best players at the Chile Pro Tour Table Tennis Tournament at Santiago on Aug 10-14.

Sharath is seeded third in the Men's event. In addition to this, India has four other seeded players in the top 16, which is unprecedented in a Pro Tour event. India even boasts of 3 seeds in the Women's event.
Sharath is partnering Soumyadeep Roy at this event in the doubles and they are the second seeds.

India's brighest chances are also the youngest with Soumyajit Ghosh and Harmeet Desai as the top two seeds in the Boys U-21 event. Manika Batra is the lone seed in the Girls U-21 section. 

1     ACHANTA Sharath Kamal
2     SAHA Subhajit 
3     RAVICHANDRAN Abishek 
4     GHOSH Soumyajit
5     ROY Soumyadeep  
6     CHAKRABORTY Sourav 
7     DESAI Harmeet 
8     GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan 
9     SHETTY Sanil  
10     SAHA Sourav 
11     KUMARESAN Shamini 
12     PATKAR Madhurika  
13     GHATAK Poulomi 
14     BATRA Manika 
15     PRABHU Mamata 
16     DAS Ankita  
18     DESHPANDE Divya  

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