Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Gritty Jan Ove Waldner! Read this.

Excerpt from an amazing article:
Summer 1980:
Jan-Ove Waldner visits China for the first time. The boy, who already has the reputation of a prodigy, plays in front of 12,000 enthusiastic spectators at the Shanghai Open. He experiences hard training for the first time in his life. The caretaker, of the hall in which he is practising, challenges him to a match and wins easily. Jan-Ove plays against many Chinese teenagers and loses many matches. Nevertheless, he learns from every encounter. He stores techniques, tactics and countless details in his brain. Deep in his subconscious mind burns the passion of this small boy: I'll show them! I'll beat the lot of them!".
Read the fascinating rise and rise of the Table Tennis legend Jan Ove Waldner at the following URL: http://www.tabletennis-sportsm​​s.continguts+subcat-731/The+Ja​n-Ove+Waldner+story.htm
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