Friday, April 1, 2011

Table Tennis Spanish Open 2011

April 03 Update: Many of the entries stand withdrawn. We are waiting for more information.
A Sharath Kamal leads India's challenge at the Spanish Open.
Full list is as follows:


Name                                            World Ranking

ANTHONY Amalraj   IND   188
CHAKRABORTY Sourav   IND   306
GHOSH Soumyajit   IND   346
ROY Soumyadeep   IND   251
RAVICHANDRAN Abishek   IND   236
SAHA Subhajit   IND   222
ACHANTA Sharath Kamal   IND   50
DESAI Harmeet   IND   443
SHETTY Sanil   IND   443
GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan   IND   416
SAHA Sourav   IND   877
SRIRAM Sushmit   IND   922
RAMESH Venkatramanan   IND


DAS Mouma   IND   205
BHANDARKAR Mallika   IND   346
KUMARESAN Shamini   IND   252
GHATAK Poulomi   IND   256
PATKAR Madhurika   IND   258
AGGARWAL Neha   IND   423
DAS Ankita   IND   490
MONDAL Soumi   IND   521
PRABHU Mamata   IND   539
SAHA Nandita   IND   341
DESHPANDE Divya   IND   597

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