Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sharath's good performance at the German League

Sharath is the top player for his club in the Bundesliga. He has made a good start to the season. He missed playing Jan-ove Waldner though.

Here are his results this season:

Beat Jiri Vrablik 3-2
Beat Chu Yan Leung 3-1
Beat Kenji Matsudaira 3-0
Beat Robert Gardos 3-1
Beat Adrian Dodean 3-0
Lost to Adrian Crisan 0-3
Beat Erik Bottroff 3-1
Beat Bin Zhou 3-1
Lost to Keinath Thomas 2-3
Lost to Robert Svensson 2-3
Lost to Wang Xi 1-3
Lost to Bastian Steger 0-3

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