Monday, October 4, 2010

Player profile: C P Karthik by Vikramadithya Shivaram

Karthik: A Winner all the way!

Blessed with natural athleticism, Karthik is a treat to watch when on song. One who possesses sound basics and never hesitating to attack naturally.

This year he has been blasting his opposition in the state winning double crowns with great authority. The only concern is that he is in the midst of serious graduation studies, otherwise there is no doubt that he would have done something fantastic even at the national level.

Here's wishing that he'll do it after his studies!


Date of Birth: 21-01-1990

Club: BNMTT (Bhageerathi Bai Narayan Rao Maanay Table Tennis Academy)

Coaches/Trainers: Krunal Telang

TT Idol: None

Ambition: To represent India in International Tournaments


  • Inter school U-19 National Champion
  • Silver and Bronze Medallist U-17
  • Ranked in top 10 in India in age group in 2003
  • Bronze medal in Team event at the Junior National Championship, 2002
  • Ranked in Top 10 in India in age group in 2002
  • Currently ranked no.1 in Karnataka in the Youth and Men's category

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