Wednesday, July 3, 2013

India fights it out in the Asian Table Tennis Championships at Busan

India faced China in the Quarterfinals of the Men's team event at the Asian Table Tennis Championships at Busan, Korea. Amalraj gave a decent fight to Yan An in the third singles.

China fielded a new gen team with Ma Long as the backbone. Sharath lost to Fan Zhendong and Soumyajit to Ma Long.

It is good to see that Indian TT players are consistently meeting world class players. It surely means that progress is being made and they are only being stopped by the best.

Meanwhile, some stand-out performances by Indian women players at the Asian Table Tennis Championships:

Mouma Das put up a spirited fight against World No. 2 Liu Shiwen.
Neha Aggarwal played true to her strength throughout the team event matches.


  1. Yes, Indians are indeed making progress in Table Tennis but we have a long way to go before we can pose real challenge to the Chinese/Koreans/Japanese etc. Indian women players need to improve far too much in service returns, blocking and counter attacking, looping from far away from the table, and fitness.

  2. And, as always, the coverage of Table Tennis in the highly biased Indian media continues to be Zero.