Thursday, September 27, 2012

World Cup Table Tennis participants

The Final List of players invited to the World Table Tennis Cup from tomorrow at Liverpool:

7 BOLL Timo (GER1)
91 HENZELL William (AUS) 
127 MONTEIRO Thiago (BRA)
159 SALEH Ahmed Ali (EGY) 
430 THERIAULT Pierre-Luc (CAN) 
21 MAZE Michael (DEN)
145 PITCHFORD Liam (ENG2) 
2 MA Long (CHN2) 
8 CHUANG Chih-Yuan (TPE) 
9 OVTCHAROV Dmitrij (GER2) 
11 JOO Saehyuk (KOR1) 
12 OH Sangeun (KOR2) 
15 SAMSONOV Vladimir (BLR) 
17 JIANG Tianyi (HKG) 
22 CRISAN Adrian (ROU) 
24 FREITAS Marcos (POR) 
29 MATTENET Adrien (FRA) 

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