Monday, September 17, 2012

Table Tennis Bat or Table Tennis Racket

There are a wide variety of Table Tennis Bats/Rackets available in the market. How do you choose one?

First, try to categorize yourself, which category do you fall into?
  • At home player
  • Club Player
  • District/Provincial/County level
  • State Level
  • National/International level
Now that you've identified your playing level, you can choose to buy one of the following types of Table Tennis bats:
  • Pre-assembled hobby bats (Rs. 500-1200, approx $ 9-22)
  • Pre-assembled professional bats (Rs. 4000 - 20000, approx $ 70-360)
  • Separate Table Tennis Rubbers (Pips in and Pips out) and Blades (Wood or Carbon) that can be assembled (Brands - Butterfly, Tibhar, Andro, Yasaka)
If you need more details about a Table Tennis racket that will suit you, shoot a mail with a very brief description of your playing style to:
Message to +919822749251

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