Monday, August 12, 2013

Ankita Das reaches Brazil Open finals, gives Elizabeta Samara a huge fight

We really need to stand up and take notice of this girl's achievement. Absolute Respect! Please watch the video, link is in the comments.

Ankita Das has not just reached the finals of a World Tour Table Tennis tournament, which is already a great achievement. Here's more - she gave a huge fight against the World cup runner up Elizabeta Samara of Romania (who lost the World Cup final to Liu Shiwen of China) of Romania. Remember, the World cup and such elite events are dominated by the Chinese and other Asian or players of Asian origin. In fact, it is worth noting that the Romanian player is the second highest ranked non-Asian (or a player originating from an Asian nation!

Ankita stretched the world class player, ranked No. 19 in the world in two deuce games and also another close 11-9 game. Kudos to Ankita, keep going strong, work strong.


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