Monday, August 13, 2012

DHS Table Tennis Rubbers in India

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We get a lot of questions on DHS Rubbers availability in India, Price, and their performance. Now available at Season's discounts for limited period.

DHS rubbers are widely used in China and the very top players in the world use it on their forehand. You can see it in the videos and the way to spot it is by the blue sponge on the rubber. The most popular ones today are DHS Neo Hurricane 3 and DHS Neo TG3. A higher version called DHS Neo Hurricane 3 Provincial 6 Edges is also available.

One thing to note about DHS rubbers is that they are sticky and need constant cleaning to keep the surface clean and performing well. In addition to this, the technique used to play with DHS rubbers is quite different. you need to be able to make a full swing of the arm for looping and also catch the ball at it's peak.

For more details on price, availability, playing technique, and other questions, shoot an email to or SMS to 09822749251.