Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great new Discount Table Tennis Blade and Rubber Sale

(Please write to for the latest offers. The prices in the post may have changed. Earlier off season sale.)
Huge discounts running on Donic JO Gold, Sonex JP Gold and Donic Platin. 1640, 1640, and 1790 on 3+ rubbers.

Apart from this, promotion prices on the following:

Have just 1 pc each all in black colour, but all at around 28% discount.

Xiom Omega IV Asia - 2380

Stiga Calibra LT Spin - 2190
Hexer HD
Adidas P3, R6 - 1790 and 1740

Apart from this, coming on demand are the new gen rubbers and blades from Tibhar - Tibhar 1Q, Tibhar 5Q, Genius +Optimum, Aurus, Aurus Soft, Nimbus, Sinus series.

Blades (Email for lower rates!)

Tibhar H-3-9  - 6800
Tibhar Force Pro (Samsonov uses) 2480
Tibhar Marcos Freitas (now popular with some India team players) - 4380
Butterfly Timo Boll T 5000 - 8900

Also available Tibhar Shoes, Apparel, Glue, Case, Accessories, Cleaners, Assembled bats and so on.

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