Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drinkhall selected for the London Olympics

Paul Drinkhall, former runner-up of the World Junior Table Tennis Championships, has been selected to represent Britain in the London Olympic Games. He will be joined by Liam Pitchford and Andrew Baggaley. The Women's team comprises of Joanna Parker, Na Liu, and Kelly Sibley.

Paul has recently been selected by Werder Bremen to play at this season's Bundlesliga (German league), where some of the best players in the World compete. Chuang Chih Yuan, Adrian Crisan, Constatin Cioti will be his team mates at Bremen, where he will stay and train.

He has just entered the top 100 in the World recently.

Andrew Baggaley
Paul Drinkhall
Liam Pitchford

Joanna Parker 
Na Liu
Kelly Sibley

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