Saturday, May 10, 2014

No-hands, mouth Table Tennis player Ibrahim plays with Ma Long, Samsonov, Mizutani, Wang Hao!

Ibrahim Hamato from Egypt is now famous in the virtual world as the "no-mouth" Table Tennis player. ITTF President Adham Sharara invited him to the World Table Tennis Team Championships tournament at Zen Noh. Ibrahim got a chance to knock some balls with Ma Long, Wang Hao, Jun Mizutani, and Samsonov! They were all shocked to see the skills displayed by Ibrahim.

Ibrahim demonstrated the indomitable spirit of humans by expressing his interest in improving his game and wished that he got more training.

Here's the video from the official ITTF Channel, courtesy of the ITTF.

Here's a video of Ibrahim playing an actual match in a tournament! Video by RafeWinter.

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