Tuesday, August 9, 2011

USA TT Member Ranking Patterns

A very interesting study can be made out of the USATT Member rating charts.The chart plotted the ratings of the 7937 USATT members (2010).

The chart classifies players in four main categories:
  • Beginners (upto Rating ~970)
  • Intermediate (upto Rating ~1760)
  • Expert (upto Rating ~2280)
  • Elite (above 2280)
It is interesting to note that the highest number of ping pong players are bunched around the level of the Average Tournament Player (~1880). Players with a rating of upto 2055 are considered to be Experts and those above it, Masters.

The USA Women and Men team members are at a rating of 2680 and 2775 approximately, while the absolute elite in the world are much higher than that!
Chart owner, Brady Weiss. Original creator Mike McClure.

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