Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Memories: India's Star Player, Sujay Ghorpade

Ex-international and world ranked player of India, Sujay Ghorpade, played for Cantebury (New Zealand) and helped them win the National Championship in 2001 beating Auckland. Sujay's brother, Kishore, is also based in New Zealand.


  1. I just moved to Christchurch a month ago and spoke to Kishore recently. Sujay hasn't played for a long time now due to an ongoing back injury, but Kishore has indicated that Sujay's back is feeling better and he will start playing again very soon :)

    1. Sujay has now moved to Adelaide (Australia) and playing Table Tennis for the club East Adelaide in their State Team. He is still playing superb TT and is ranked in the top Five with Shard Pandit.

  2. Is there any information about yesteryears' TT players like Niraj Oak, Rasna Damania Oak, Niyati Shah, Vyoma Shah Parikh, S Sriram?