Sunday, December 14, 2014

How does Andro Rasant rubber series compare with Tenergy series

It is interesting to see Rasant Table Tennis rubber and the various versions of it such as Rasant, Rasant Powersponge, Rasant Powergrip, Rasant Grip, and so on. We feel these rubbers are good for Table Tennis players upto National or International level.

The performance is impressive with good spin and speed. Control is very good for most of the versions of the Rasant series of rubbers.

Andro launched the Rasant series with its attractive green sponge. Since then, they have been working on improving the rubber with newer versions to suit the various styles of play.

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  1. What is the price of Andro Rasant rubber and how does it compare with the butterfly rubbers in terms of durability?

  2. Price is a lot more affordable than Tenergy. Please write to for the latest (since there is change due to market dynamics).
    Durability is definitely better than Tenergy. However, the speed is slightly slower. Good for club level to National level players.