Friday, May 31, 2013

Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis Rubber

A new generation blade, Butterfly ZLF with Donic Coppa Gold and Yasaka Rakza
Many Table Tennis players, especially those who are making a comeback after several years, try to search for Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis rubbers but face difficulty in finding them. The reasons are quite a few, important among which are the fact that Table Tennis has now evolved and the technology has changed to keep pace with the rules (bigger ball, shorter game).

As a result, the game has become faster and one needs to possess equipment which guarantees Speed and Spin. This is where Yasaka Mark V falters in our opinion. Although it is a rubber that stood the test of time and was one of the biggest selling rubbers ever, it is not capable of serving one in today's competitive environment.

This is where the new generation rubbers step in. Chief among the new gen rubbers were the first movers such as Donic Coppa Gold, Donic Sonex JP Gold, Donic JO Platin. There are also a whole host of rubbers alternatives from Tibhar and others. Yasaka company has worked on the rubber technology and come up with the Rakza series.

If you are planning to make a comeback or upgrade from the older generation rubbers to the new ones, do write a mail to or contact +919822749251


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