Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best Table Tennis Equipment: Timo Boll ZLF blade with Rakza 7 and Hexer Duro

Butterfly ZLF with Yasaka Rakza 7 and Andro Hexer Duro - A terrific Combo

By popular demand, we are putting up our favourite combinations of Blades and Rubbers.

Here's the first one - Timo Boll ZLF with Rakza 7 on Forehand and Hexer Duro on Backhand.

ZLF is a fast and furious blade with high quality Spin and Control.

Timo Boll ZLF 9 8.0 Medium OFF 5W/2ZLF 84 157 150 5.4 FL X X 100x24 X X

Speed -9.0
Control - 8.0
Feel - Yellow (Good)
OFF - Offensive (Great for attacking players)
5W/2ZLF - 5 Wood 2 Zylon Fibre blade
Other dimensions are Width, thickness, flange measurement and so on.

Rakza 7 is a rubber that is a vast improvement over Yasaka's well known rubbers. It is comparable to Tenergy and provides excellent looping capabilities with speed and spin.
Hexer Duro is one of the most long lasting rubbers among premier rubbers. It too offers excellent control and control.

Do let us know what you use.


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