Monday, June 14, 2010

Launching First Unofficial Ratings List of Maharashtra Table Tennis Elite Players

 We are pleased to announce the first Unofficial Ratings List of Table Tennis Elite Players of Maharashtra.

Please note that this is not an official Rating or Ranking list. For the Official Rankings, please visit or call MSTTA office for more details.

How to read the List:
Example: 3. Aniket Koparkar 2360
No. 3 in Strength is Aniket Koparkar at 2360 Rating (remember, it is not Ranking Points)


The list has been prepared using a complex formula to come up with playing strength.

You will observe some potential discrepancies, for example, we truly believe Martand is much stronger than his current rating, but his activity and consistency require some improvement.

This Ratings list is subject to change without prior notice. We are in the process of gathering feedback from prominent personalities in the Table Tennis world.

Rating list is very different from Ranking lists. Ratings depict strength. Ratings Central is one famous rating list available on the internet for International players.

With a Ratings List, it is possible to compare the strength of play of any individual. So, in due course of time, we will have Women, Juniors and so on in the same list. One can compare for academic purposes, the playing strength of any player.

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