Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indian Railways win World Title

The Indian Railways team bagged two golds in the Men's Singles and Men's Team events at Nijniy Nogorod (Russia).

Arpit Bhopalkar won the prestigious Singles title beating Albert Kolodskikh in the finals. The Men's team comprised of Anirban Nandi, Arpit Bhopalkar and Sayan Paul Roy.

The Women's team won the Bronze Medal. The team consisted of Prajakta Tipale,Pallabi Kundu and Mansi Bhagwat.

The other medal winners were Prajakta Tipale & Pallabi Kundu won Silver Medal in Women Doubles. Prajakta Tipale won Bronze Medal in Women Singles. Anirban Nandi and Arpit Bhopalkar won Bronze Medal in Men Doubles. Anirban Nandi and Prajakta Tipale won Bronze Medal in Mixed Doubles. Mansi Bhagwat won Bronze Medal in Women Doubles with her Russian partner Shevlyakova V.

In all, Indian Railways won two Gold, one Silver and five Bronze medals.

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